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A listing of artwork currently available at Cherokee Street Gallery.

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KOOL KOOR's exhibition: "Sanctuary"

These important works by artist Kool Koor are part of his landmark solo show in St. Louis at Cherokee Street Gallery titled “Sanctuary.” Koor traveled to St. Louis from Brussels, Belgium to gain a sense of the place where he’d be creating these works and paid a visit to Miles Davis’ childhood home in East St Louis. This impactful experience inspired these works and to honor the cultural heritage that they’re drawing from, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces goes to benefit Miles Davis’ historic East St Louis home. Kool Koor used an iridescent pigment on these pieces that allows the viewer to discover new tones and details in these works depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

"Zion" by Kool Koor

"Zion" by Kool Koor


“Zion” by Kool Koor is a luminous, acrylic and ink work on canvas that measures 57” by 62.” These tapestry style pieces, are a powerful refinement by the artist of his distinct and evolving gestural style. Through an ingenious painting method, Kool Koor was able to achieve the mind-bending contradiction of a glowing shadow on the wall behind this floating canvas, expressing a powerful visual metaphor of light through shadow. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this artwork goes to benefit Miles Davis’ historic East St. Louis home that Kool Koor visited and drew inspiration from for this exhibition.

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