Cherokee Street Gallery


"Groove Theory"

Soulful Portraits by Artist Bharat Ajari

Artist Bharat Ajari, is exhibiting a collection of soulful portraits at Cherokee Street Gallery, located at 2617 Cherokee Street, St Louis. Bharat calls this collection of vibrant portraits, "Groove Theory." This body of work is comprised of lovingly painted portraits of funk and soul music legends who have had a formative influence on the artist throughout his life. Bharat says, that "through the use of a vivid color palette and loose, gestural brush strokes, this work seeks to render a series of conceptual portraits of various artists and musicians of color from the 1970s soul and funk era. Within this series, the notion of "color" has multiple meanings which coalesce into an exploration of how light, as reflected through a person, an object or palette can illuminate a vision of how the world can be seen and our place in it." Cherokee Street Founder, Benjamin Lowder, comments that, "these portraits are filled with warmth and compassion. "Groove Theory" is a direct reflection of Bahrat's affection for these musicians who have shaped his identity." This exhibition is a part of Cherokee Street's monthly 2nd Saturday's event, featuring live music, art exhibitions, open studios and more. Things are happening up and down Cherokee Street the 2nd Saturday of each month so this is a great time to come down and explore the unique and emerging art scene happening on Cherokee. “Groove Theory” runs from 9/14/19 through 10/11/19.

Ben Lowder